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Great gifts homemade christmas gift ideas

October 10, 2005

Great gifts homemade christmas gift ideas

By: Monica Foth
Website: http://www.gift-shop-cafe.com

If you are looking for something unique and fun for this Christmas here are some homemade Christmas gift ideas. Some of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas and really quite inexpensive and creative and friends and relatives will love them. With a little careful planning and a bit of time you can save big time on your Christmas budget.

A few homemade Christmas gift ideas are painted sweatshirts, tins of homemade baking like cookies and fudge or other tasty treats. You can bake bread and put them in colored plastic wrap with a fancy bow which I am sure everyone will appreciate, especially the smell of fresh baked breads. Homemade Christmas cards are a real keepsake too and great fun to make. One of the best cards I ever made was from the inside cutout of a small matboard where I took cutouts from old Christmas cards and glued them on the front with a handwritten message on the back, then strung a piece of ribbon through the corner so it could be hung in the Christmas tree. You could also use cardstock to make this.

Another great homemade Christmas gift ideas is to buy some spoons and dip them into melted chocolate. Shake off the excess, sprinkle with crushed peppermint candy then place on wax paper until set. Slip into a cellophane wrapper and tie a pretty bow around the handle for a festive look. Pack in groups of 6 into a coffee mug for a great gift to go along with hot chocolate or coffee mocha.

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