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50th Birthday Gag Gifts for the Party of your Life!

June 12, 2006

50th Birthday Gag Gifts for the Party of your Life!

By: Monica Foth

Turning 50 is a huge milestone and as much as we hate to admit our years, life truly begins at 50 years of age. Throwing a party with 50th birthday gag gifts will be a time not to be soon forgotten.

Here are some 50th birthday ideas to get you going. Turning fifty truly is when life begins but there are many who believe that it is the end. Why not rub it in a little with a gag gift to make by presenting that person with a 50th birthday gag gift of a gorgeous flower pot filled with 50 suckers and a sign that says “50 Sucks”. There are also all kinds of t-shirts with hilarious sayings on them like “It took 50 years to look this good” or “50 is the new 30” or “50 year olds Rock”. Turning 50 really is the greatest time of your life in that you have gained all this wisdom and maturity; it’s just too bad that age has to come with it.

Another great little birthday gag idea would be to have your guests go back to their childhood. Invite your guests to dress like children and have coloring books and crayons to play with when they arrive. Ask each person to bring and toy for the birthday person like a dinky toy or hot wheels, something small. Or if you prefer to be in a more rub-it-in mood, how about a care package of hemoroid cream, arthritis rub, depends undergarments, a huge bottle of headache medicine, thick reading glasses or a magnifying glass, a book with extra large print, and a big bottle of geritol. The possibilities are endless and with a little imagination you could pull off an unforgettable birthday party.

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