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Celebrate with 40th birthday gifts for people over the hill

June 8, 2006

Celebrate with 40th birthday gifts for people over the hill

By: Monica Foth
Website: http://www.gift-shop-cafe.com

We all know that as we approach what is considered middle age, 40th birthday gifts become a necessity for those wanting to attend those dreaded birthday parties. Turning 40 is definitely a milestone in most peoples minds and hosting a party is a given.

If you are looking for a 40th birthday gift you probably want something that is going to rub it in a little, something that describes the birthday person as being over the hill, too old to have fun, losing their mind, needing a cane or a wheelchair or even presenting them with a black coffin full of dead black roses. This all sounds truly nasty, but keep in mind that it is all in fun. You will be happy to know that birthday gifts are really easy to find online.

Another great way to celebrate a 40th birthday would be to create a theme party whereby everyone comes dressed for that era. For example, the grooving 60s was full of tie-dyed shirts and bell bottomed pants, long beatnik or afro hair with round glasses, and peace signs. The 60s was also the time of the Beatles, lava lamps, protest signs and bandanas.

Even old geezers of 40 years can have a lot of fun with the right costume and decorations. The music from that era was good rocking music to dance to and we all know how to dance, right? Spend a little time looking around for birthday gift ideas and party themes and you will be amazed at the huge selection of gifts and information available. Have fun and knock yourself out!

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Monica Foth is a successful author and publisher of http://www.gift-shop-cafe.com, a complete source for 40th birthday gifts and other related products and services.

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