Make an impression with a corporate luxury gift

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Make an impression with a corporate luxury gift

September 11, 2005

Make an impression with a corporate luxury gift

By: Andrew Danneffel

If you would like to make an impression with your best clients, consider giving a corporate luxury gift. A corporate luxury gift could be one of many things; however, all corporate luxury gifts are generally cool, hip, tasteful, or fashionable and somewhat expensive. As a general rule, avoid giving a luxury corporate gift to a prospective client – you might put them on the spot and make them feel as if they have to buy your product to justify accepting the gift.

Ideas for a corporate luxury gift include office accessories such as calculators, card cases and boxes, key rings, notepads, PC accessories, and pocketknives. If you are planning to give an office accessory, consider having the item engraved with the recipient’s name. A “stainless steel” texture is currently very popular with such items. You might also consider a classier item, such as a painting, piece of artwork, or even a sculpture.

There are many services available online that cater especially to those looking for the perfect corporate luxury gift. These services provide savings and efficient shipping services and can be accessed directly from your home or office! As a final tip, make sure you review your company’s policy on gift giving – some companies will restrict the value of a gift to be given in good faith. A $100.00 limit is probably a good place to start.

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