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Sweeten up your clients – give a corporate candy gift

August 21, 2005

Sweeten up your clients – give a corporate candy gift

By: Andrew Danneffel

You can never go wrong by giving a corporate candy gift to your current clients. While corporate gift giving was once more common place than it is today, the recipient will be pleased you made the effort to show you appreciate their business. A corporate candy gift often finds itself in the office kitchen or main reception desk where the entire office staff can enjoy your thoughtfulness.

You can easily purchase a corporate candy gift at the local candy or chocolate shop. Retro candy, chocolate fudge, dried fruit and nuts, gummies, mints, and jelly beans are all standard favorites. You might also consider purchasing a corporate candy gift basket that contains a wide variety of candy and treats.

Before you visit the local shop for your corporate candy gift, try looking online. There are many services available that not only sell and deliver corporate candy gifts but also allow you to customize your own corporate candy gift baskets! Even better yet, some services enable you to customize the box the corporate candy gift is packaged in. Include your company’s name, logo, web site address, phone number, and slogan. When the office staff helps themselves to a candy from the box they’ll know who dropped it off! What a great promotional idea!

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