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A corporate wine gift is a thoughtful way to show appreciation

August 8, 2005

A corporate wine gift is a thoughtful way to show appreciation

By: Andrew Danneffel

In many cases casual drinking is part of networking the process through which new customers are found and your business ideas and services promoted. Asking a current or prospective client out for a drink after work is common practice. Why not also consider giving a corporate wine gift? A corporate wine gift could be as simple as a single bottle of mid-range wine, or a gift basket containing several bottles of wine and related snacks.

To make your corporate wine gift more relevant, why not consider including a wine that is connected to your region or business in some way? For example, a wine produced by the local vineyard would be meaningful, especially if the recipient is not from your area.

There are many services available online that can put together a corporate wine gift or wine gift basket for you. Some services even let you to customize labels for your wine bottles. This way your corporate wine gift will be personalized for your business. What a great way to advertise! Include your name, phone number, logo, and website address for maximum exposure.

Finally, be somewhat wary when giving a corporate wine gift. Make sure the recipient does drink wine and that it does not conflict with any religious beliefs.

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