A corporate meat gift is a unique way to please a prospective or current customer

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Corporate meat gift – Why not use food as a marketing tool?

August 4, 2005

Corporate meat gift – Why not use food as a marketing tool?

By: Andrew Danneffel
Website: http://www.gift-shop-cafe.com

Remember the old saying, “the best way to one's heart is through one's stomach?” As corny as it might sound, there is some truth to this statement. After all, everyone needs to eat. A corporate meat gift is an excellent way to please current or prospective clients. A corporate meat gift could be a standalone item – such as a box of smoked salmon – or part of a corporate gift basket.

Some popular ideas for a corporate meat gift include smoked turkey or ham, buffalo chicken, smoked salmon, ribs, Philly cheese steak, sausages, caviar, or even beef jerky. When considering a corporate food gift think of something of relevance to your region. For example, if your head office is on the west coast, smoked salmon would be fine idea. If you’re based in cattle country, perhaps ribs or steak would be appropriate. For good measure, toss in a jar or two of your favorite steak sauce!

There are of course, a few things to be wary of before sending a corporate meat gift. Firstly, make sure the recipient is not a vegetarian or avoids meat due to religious beliefs. Secondly, if you will be sending the corporate meat gift to your customer, ensure it is properly packaged to ensure freshness upon arrival.

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