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March 12, 2005

College graduation gift ideas - give unique college graduation gifts to show your admiration

By: Andrew Danneffel

A college graduation marks an important milestone in a person's life. After years of exams, textbooks, and studies the graduate can finally move on to establish a career and take advantage of years of schooling. Give college graduation gifts to recognize the graduate's dedication over the years and show your admiration of the accomplishment. There are many unique college graduation gift ideas available online.

College graduation gifts might depend on the graduate's plans. If a well deserved vacation is on the way, perhaps a backpack or sunglasses. If the graduate is buying a house or apartment, practical college graduation gifts such as a microwave, popcorn popper or coffee maker might be appropriate. If job hunting is a priority, why not consider some professional wardrobe items. Of course, there are also personalized college graduation gifts, such as picture frames, albums, and wallets engraved or stamped with the graduate's name and possibly an inspirational quote.

Jewellery is also a very popular college graduation gift idea. If the graduate is a young lady, the time might be right to buy her matching pearl earnings and necklace. For a gentleman, perhaps consider a fine watch or gold tie tack. If you're out of college graduation gift ideas, a gift certificate might be an option.

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