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Give a simple yet practical beach gift

September 23, 2005

Give a simple yet practical beach gift

By: Andrew Danneffel

Is a loved one, family member, or a friend heading off to a warm sunny place for a well deserved vacation? If so, you might want to consider giving a beach gift. Beach gifts are typically simple but practical items one can use while kicking back and relaxing. Those living inland will generally have limited beach wear and are most likely to find value in a beach gift.

Some ideas for beach gifts include towels, boat bags, inflatable boats, beach blankets, beach balls, and hammocks. If the recipient of the gift is a child, a more appropriate beach gift might be moulds for building sand castles, a mask & snorkel, or assorted beach toys. You might consider purchasing swimwear as well, but be careful only consider close family members (especially children) as swimsuits are generally considered personal items.

A unique beach gift for an adult might be a beach gift basket. Beach gift baskets generally have a tropical or holiday theme and contain an assortment of items deemed useful for enjoying the sand. Items might include lotion, candles, fruit, and fresh flowers. Some beach gift baskets include shells, pebbles, and starfish!

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