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Gift basket ideas – be creative and have fun!

June 3, 2003

Gift basket ideas – be creative and have fun!

By: Monica Foth

If you are looking for gift basket ideas for your next gift giving, you have come to the right place. Shopping for gift basket ideas online is a great place to find all you need in one spot.

Some of the best gift basket ideas I have come across are wine lovers baskets where you stuff a basket with a couple bottles of wine, cheese, crackers, a couple of glasses and a fancy corkscrew. This makes an excellent gift for an anniversary or surprise picnic. Gift baskets are also suitable for children. For an older child’s birthday, you could put books, crayons, stickers, coloring books or toys into a basket or container of your choice and finish to off wrapped in cellophane and a fancy bow. Teenagers love make-up, fragrances, watches and jewellery, CDs and tickets to the movies of which you could stuff into a fancy trash can and wrap it up. Any container will do and then double up into something useful.

There are so many great gift basket ideas for everyone from your neighbour to your best friend or lover. So, why not get creative and put something together that will charm and delight the recipient. Have fun with it!

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