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Mother's Day - where did it come from?

June 3, 2003

Mother's Day - where did it come from?

By: Monica Foth

Have you ever wondered who invented Motherís Day? How long has Motherís Day been around and who decided that it should be on the second Sunday of May?

The first Motherís Day observance was held in a church in two places, Grafton, West Virginia and in Philadelphia, on May 10, 1908 honouring a mother by the name of Anna Reese Jarvis. The daughter of this mother felt that children often neglected to appreciate their mothers while they were alive and believed that this would increase respect for parents and at the same time strengthen family bonds. Many people may not know this but originally white carnations for this day represented sweetness, purity and endurance of a mothers love. Now white ones signify that oneís mother has died. Red carnations are now the symbol of a living mother.

By 1911 this day was recognized in every state in America as well as in Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, South America and Africa. The incorporation of the Motherís Day International Association was December 12, 1912 with the objective to continue meaningful observations of this very special day. If your mother is still alive, why not shower her with special attention by sending her a card, flowers or chocolates and let her know how much you appreciate her and all she has done for you.

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