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Valentines day gift ideas

June 3, 2003

Valentines day gift ideas

By: Monica Foth

Valentines Day comes once a year but when it does, we usually try to come up with new Valentines Day gift ideas for our sweetheart. Here are some Valentines Day gift ideas that you may like to try.

Some of the most interesting and fun Valentines day gift ideas I have come across are a candlelight dinner set for two on the beach, stargazing in an open field with an expensive bottle of wine or champagne, or give a bouquet of different flowers, each along with its own meaning. For instance, a yellow iris means passion, a white rose indicates ‘I am worthy of you’ and a blue violet stands for faithfulness. Of course, red roses the symbol of love, are always loved and appreciated.

Other great Valentines Day gift ideas might include a romantic indulgence of bathing together sharing a gift basket loaded with scented candles, a bath sponge, bubble bath, rose petals, two glasses and a bottle of wine. Whatever you do, have fun!

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