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Anniversaries a time to celebrate

June 3, 2003

Anniversaries a time to celebrate

By: Monica Foth

Anniversaries play an important part in our daily lives. There are anniversaries for the first time a couple meets, for weddings or for a major world event.

The most common anniversaries of course, are wedding. Whether you know someone or are that person who has been married for one to seventy-five years, it is nice to know what to buy in celebration of this important occasion. Over the years, we have been given the option of modern gift items as opposed to traditional. It may appear that the modern suggestions are more costly, however as the years go by they become the same. For instance, a traditional first anniversary gift is something of paper whereas the modern is clocks. As you move up to the tenth year, the traditional gift is tin but the modern is diamond. Thank goodness, by the time we reach twenty years of marriage the suggested gift is china for both modern and traditional.

Anniversaries are a time to remind ourselves of the choices and events that have taken place in our lives. Some great gift ideas are clothing, jewellery, romantic gifts, gifts for the home, health and beauty, collectibles, an exotic vacation or anything that fits within your budget and sense of adventure.

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