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Unusual gifts from around the world

May 29, 2003

Unusual gifts from around the world

By: Monica Foth

Everyone has their own ideas as to what unusual gifts appeal to them. Our material world is never ending with more and more unusual gifts brought to us from everywhere you can imagine.

Some of the most interesting unusual gifts I have encountered in my travels had been imported from areas of the globe some of you may not even have heard of. The artistic talents are amazing and you wonder if the people that produce these pieces of art even realize how talented they are. For instance, sculptures and carvings from remote areas of Africa are often the work of several artists. One person would find the stone or wood then sell it to the next person who would actually do the carving and then sell those pieces to the next person who would add the finishing touches and then turn the finished product into the market.

Unusual gifts can be anything from antiques, jewellery and clothing to pottery and artwork. Whichever gifts you choose of an unusual nature, you will be rest assured, it is something that you will cherish for years to come.

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