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Valentine gifts to tantalize him or her

May 28, 2003

Valentine gifts to tantalize him or her

By: Monica Foth

It is that time of year, where love is in the air and men and women are frantically running about in search of the perfect Valentine gifts for their sweetheart. One of the most traditional Valentine gifts is a bouquet of red roses so why not give a gift that is something out of the ordinary?

The man in your life will appreciate anything that keeps him knowledgeable. Valentine gifts for him might include a subscription to Fortune magazine or Sports Illustrated, a bar set for that crazy night at home mixing drinks, champagne and chocolates to tease his palate or grooming products are just a few of the many gift ideas he will love. If you are a traditional man and love to give flowers, why not accessorize that bouquet of red roses with a piece of jewellery? A gift she will appreciate are a foot pro massager for her tired and achy feet, a cordless speaker phone so she can talk to you from anywhere in the house, a unique and stylish jewellery box or why not impress her with your decorating talents by giving her a piece of nude art in the form of a sculpture or artwork.

Express your love and gratitude to the people you care about with Valentine gifts carefully and personally selected by you.

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