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Holiday gifts for any occasion

May 27, 2003

Holiday gifts for any occasion

By: Monica Foth

It is that time again, when you are shopping for holiday gifts, to be as thrifty or extravagant as you like and still give something wonderful. With a little creative thought, you can turn holiday gifts for Christmas or any other occasion into a pleasant memory.

There are holiday gifts for every season from gardening tools for Spring, to fresh fruit baskets for Summer. Fall, along with the start of Winter brings busy times with Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving when people are gathered with friends and family, some of whom they have not seen in awhile. Gift ideas for clients, customers, co-worker and employees need to be affordable and appropriate.

Holiday gifts can be something simple from your kitchen such as a teacup stuffed with herbal tea and wrapped with cellophane then decorated with a fancy bow. Or, as expensive as a diamond necklace or bracelet. For the sports enthusiast, there is an abundance of great books out there for every sport imaginable and state of the art sports equipment from hand and toe warmers to kayaks and sailboats.

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