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Birthday traditions from around the World

September 19, 2002

Birthday traditions from around the World

By: Monica Foth

Have you ever wondered how other countries celebrate the birthday? Are there similarities to how we traditionally celebrate the birthday here in America?

In many parts for the world, some traditions are quite similar such as birthday candles that carry wishes up to God or birthday games that gauge how the child did over last year. Have you ever wondered where the birthday bumps originated? It was in Ireland where the birthday child is lifted upside down and bumped on the floor as many times as the age being celebrated plus one more for good luck. In Japan, the child wears an entire set of new clothing to mark the occasion. In Holland, they celebrate ‘crown’ years. This is where one receives an especially large gift for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 21 years of age. The family also decorates the special person’s dining room chair with an assortment of seasonal flowers, or paper flowers and streamers, and balloons.

Birthday parties for children seem to be getting more elaborate all the time. No matter how you celebrate the number ideas and party themes are unlimited.

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