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History of wedding anniversaries

September 2, 2002

History of wedding anniversaries

By: Monica Foth

Have you ever wondered why particular items are chosen for specific wedding anniversaries? If you know the history of the wedding anniversary, then you will see that wedding anniversaries have both traditional and modern material attached to them and we tend to follow these suggestions without question.

There was a time, before 1937, where only the first, every five years from the fifth to the 25th, 50th, and 75th wedding anniversaries had a gift item associated against the year. The practice of certain gifts given on various wedding anniversaries originated in Central Europe. It was customary, among the medieval Germans, for friends to give a wife a wreath of silver once she had been with her husband for twenty-five years. This gift symbolized the harmony, which was assumed to be necessary to make so many years of matrimony possible. The wife was presented with a wreath of gold on the fiftieth anniversary. Hence arose ‘silver wedding’ and ‘golden wedding.’

Today, we continue to practice this but with elaboration upon modern times. A history of wedding anniversaries is interesting in that we often go through life carrying on traditional practices without ever knowing why.

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