You need to come up with a gift idea for most months. Do you have your gift ideas budgeted.

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Are you aware that you need gift ideas for every month of the year? Do you have it budgeted?

March 6, 2002

Are you aware that you need gift ideas for every month of the year? Do you have it budgeted?

By: Norma Cowie

There are twelve months in a year and almost every month there is something or other you need to buy for. This means you are constantly looking for gift ideas. After all you will want to have your gifts be a success. Have people remember you in their hearts after they have received their gift. Therefore coming up with the appropriate gift ideas can be tiresome in the end and then rewarding when you have discovered the right one.

The other aspect of buying those gift ideas is your monthly budget. Do you have all this buying budgeted for? It is important to ensure that you do have. As you look ahead for the coming year check over each month and see who do you buy for in that month.

January comes right after Christmas and unless you have a birthday or anniversary in that month you do not necessarily need any gift ideas. A small break in the buying cycle.

February 14th is Valentineís Day, and it seems it comes soon after Christmas is all but done. The lights are down from around the house, the decorations packed away and then the Valentineís advertising is out. Even though flowers always make great gift ideas with chocolates coming up second, there are many other gifts you can give too, including clothing and lingerie.

March 17th is St. Patrickís Day, and more and more you will see Green being advertised and suggestions of different gift ideas to give. Even if you are not Irish you are encouraged to celebrate this date. Buy greeting cards, wear green, give green. You can buy green milkshakes and green beer during this time at many of the food chains and your favorite bar.

April is Easter and Easter baskets is another time where gift ideas come into play. Chocolates in the form of Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies are high on the gift list. Although you will be encouraged to give other presents as well, eggs and bunnies is where it is at.

May is Motherís Day followed closely by Graduation. A busy month for gift ideas. Everyone wants to honor their mother. Flowers, chocolates and other gifts are given this time of the year, especially jewellry. Then if you have someone graduating you will want to ensure they receive something to honor their day. Gifts for graduation can be chosen from a vast selection of gift ideas and a lot will depend upon what their next step in life is.

June is Fathers Day. Again gift ideas can be a headache looking for the gift for the Dad of the household. Men do seem to be the hardest to buy for. Clothing is often what is chosen here.

July and August are summer months and unless you have birthdays or anniversaries during these months it is relatively quiet in having to rob your gift ideas.

September is Grandparents Day, although still not a widely accepted Gift Day, it is getting more attention and therefore is one which gift cards will appear in stores and you will be encouraged to look for a gift ideas for the grandparents.

October 31st is Halloween and although gift ideas are not specially required you will still need to decide what candies to give out or what costume the children wear. Plus if you go to a Halloween party you want the appropriate costume.

November 11th is Veterans Day and Thanksgiving comes later in the month. Two days in which you may not particularly need gift ideas, but if you are hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner you may want a small gift by each personís place setting to say thank you. You can choose chocolates or a small china or crystal gift.

December 25th, Christmas Day. The day when gifts are exchanged and the one time of the year, besides a personís birthday or your anniversary when you will want to draw on your gift ideas. Christmas present shopping is different for everyone. Some wait till the end, some plan throughout the year. No matter what your style is come Christmas Eve you will want your gift shopping complete.

More and more we are bombarded with advertising on the T.V. radio and stores to buy gifts. A hundred different things to look at consider and purchase. Gift ideas are everywhere every day of the year. How to choose them to make sure yours are received with the respect and love you give with every gift is sometimes difficult. Therefore, make it one of fun. Fun happens more when you have budgeted for your gift purchases. Therefore, ensure your budget has your gift buying in it for the months that you do purchase gifts.

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