the gift of an easter egg marks celebrations of rebirth found worldwide. The best of easter gifts is an easter egg gift

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Easter eggs, the symbol and gift of renewed life, are the best of Easter gifts

March 4, 2002

Easter eggs, the symbol and gift of renewed life, are the best of Easter gifts

By: Laura Elderton

All over the world, Easter is a time of rebirth. We celebrate springtime and Easter with the symbol of rebirth, which is the egg. When we give the gift of an Easter egg, we are sending a symbol that is found in every culture, of renewed life. Perfect Easter gifts, eggs touch a very deep core in all of us.

For Christians, Easter is the pinnacle celebration of the calendar year. Christ was crucified on Good Friday, and was resurrected, coming back to life on Easter Sunday. Christians believe that everyone can be reborn in the Spirit; for them Easter Sunday celebrates that rebirth. Easter gifts are an important aspect of Easter celebrations: a chocolate or candy Easter egg, or a decorated hen or goose egg is the perfect gift.

Pagan celebrations of Spring go back into humanity's deepest past. In all cultures the egg is seen as the primordial vessel of creation. An ancient Hindu myth tells of the World-Egg, floating in primordial chaos before the world began. Out of this egg hatched all things created. Egyptian mythology tells of the egg of creation, out of which hatched the Phoenix, symbol of the sun, ever burning up and ever renewing. The egg shape is the archetypal cosmogenetic symbol. When you send your Easter egg gift, and a greeting card reminding your loved ones that Spring is here, you are giving the most appropriate of Easter gifts.

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