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Anniversary Gift ideas

January 9, 2002

Anniversary Gift ideas

By: Monica Foth

We all know how appreciated an anniversary gift is when received for your special occasion. An anniversary gift can be traditional or modern and within a certain price range suitable to you.

There are only eight truly traditional anniversary gifts. They are paper, wood, tin, crystal, china, silver, gold and diamonds. Traditionally, a first anniversary gift is paper. This could be nice writing paper, a coffee-table book, fine art, a photo album or a framed picture. Modern gifts include clocks as a first anniversary gift, leather or crystal for a third and wood or silverware for a fifth. For the tenth anniversary the traditional gift is an item of tin or aluminum compared to the modern choice of gift which is diamond jewelry. As you can see, this institutes quite a difference in value! Fortunately as the years go by the traditional and modern gift choices become the same.

Anniversaries are the way we celebrate our love for each other and to mark the passing years we are together. An anniversary gift represents how we feel and when traditional gifts are chosen with care it sometimes helps to inspire us. Giving an anniversary gift to someone you love and care about shows them great appreciation for who they are.

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